Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a navigation license?

    In Holland a navigation license is not needed for ships that are not longer then 15 meter and have a maximum speed of 20 km/u. All of our ships fit in that category.

  • At what age is it allowed to navigate a ship?

    You must be at least 25 years old to navigate a ship.

  • How far can we travel on a full gasoline tank?

    Dividing the tankcapacity in liters by 8 gives the hours you can travel.

  • What do we need to take along for bedding?

    On board there are only matrasses.You will need to take the rest of the bedding with you. Of course you can also rent bed linen. The cost is € 15 for a linen package (1 person) and € 10 for a sleeping bag.

  • Can I take my dog with me?

    Yes, your dog on board is possible. The costs are 50 euro per stay.

  • Is there a possibility of renting a bike?

    You can rent a bike and take it on board for 25 euro for a foldable bike and 30 euro for an adult bike. You should order the bikes while booking the boat or through e-mail, otherwise it might happen that the bikes won't be available by the time of in-check. The bikes along with TV and additional boat are on request.

  • Why must I pay a deposit?

    Unfortunately, an accident on the water is no exception. That's why all our yachts are standard fully insured and your own risks is restricted to the deposit. This is for yachts up to 8 people € 500, for yachts from 8 persons € 600 and for Derby 20, 25 and 38 it is € 700. From the deposit we withdraw the fuel you used and the rest you get back in cash.

  • How can I best pay the remaining amount?

    The amount due must be payed to our bank account at least 2 weeks before departure, or it must be payed at the harbour office at the day of departure. You can pay in cash or with mastercard. For the use of Mastercard we must charge you extra.

  • How do we get watermaps?

    Watermaps are already on board. If you need watermaps at home for your holidayplanning, we can send them to you. We will charge €13,50 per map plus postal charges.

  • Where can we travel to?

    You can go everywhere where the water is deep enough (1.20m), and bridges are wide and high enough for your ship. To travel the IJsselmeer you must be an experienced captain and you need our specific authorisation.

  • At what time does the boat must be back in our harbor?

    It is important that you return by 13 p.m.!

  • Do we get a discount next year?

    From your 5th booking onwards you will receive a 5% discount.

  • Can I pay with credit card?

    Yes, you can. With embossed card you have to pay 3,2 % extra.